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The Queen’s official London residence, Buckingham Palace is under fire today (22nd October 2013) as B&Q Energy Saving reveals just how inefficient the palace is when it comes to keeping the heat in.

It is now revealed that HM’s official London residence is one of the worst London landmarks for energy efficiency. The palace was built for Queen Victoria in 1820 and last week it was revealed that energy bills at the palace rose last year by 14 per cent. With energy bills set to rise even further this winter, now is the time for the Royal Household to invest in some simple energy saving devices to help save Her Majesty money on energy.

The thermal images taken by B&Q Energy Saving* last weekend reveal that heat is currently being lost through the Palace’s 760 windows and 1,514 doors, despite Her Majesty’s best efforts to conserve heat. Double glazing was fitted to the skylights at Buckingham Palace just over ten years ago in an attempt to improve its energy efficiency, however the palace currently still has an energy rating of C, with A being very efficient. Even investing in simple, low cost fittings such as draught excluders could save the palace thousands of pounds every year.

With 600 rooms, the total utility bill for the Palace is an estimated £2.2 million per year. B&Q has today sent the Royal Household an Energy Saving pack with draught excluders and tips to help saving on heating.

Despite not being eligible for a free boiler through the Government’s Affordable Warmth scheme**, the Palace could invest in more energy efficient boilers, such as the iQE boiler that has been awarded the first ever BSI Kitemark for Energy Efficient Products- the only boiler in the World to have this.

There are a number of small changes that could be made to keep the heat in too. To identify the changes needed, the Royal Household can use B&Q’s Heatbleed Calculator on www.diy.com/heatbleed which identifies problem areas in a home in terms of energy efficiency. This can be remedied with easy DIY projects and best of all it is remarkably quick to use, taking just 10 seconds to get an instant response.

If The Queen would like to tackle bigger energy efficiency projects, B&Q Energy Saving has launched the B&Q Energy Saving Calculator.  Located on www.energysaving.com, the calculator will help identify what bigger, installed changes they need to make to help cut energy bills and save money. Once the calculator has been filled out, Her Majesty would be offered a free energy assessment of the palace by a B&Q Energy Saving expert.  For example, taking up an installed offer of solid wall insulation could save the Queen thousands of pounds on her energy bill.

* ‘HeatSeekers is a leading provider of Thermal Imaging throughout the UK, USA and New Zealand. Using state of the art, thermal imaging technology, HeatSeekers are able to identify heat loss and energy wastage in all types of buildings.

** Last winter there were 24,000 deaths of vulnerable Britons in which fuel poverty was a major factor and latest figures suggest that 1.7 million people won’t be able to afford to heat their property this winter.  This year B&Q Energy Saving is determined to help the 2.5 million eligible households with a free iQE energy efficient boiler plus loft and cavity wall insulation. Currently just 14,000 households have taken up the free boiler offer introduced by the ‘Feel the Benefit’ Government-backed scheme and B&Q Energy Saving wants to change that.

Households who qualify must tick all of the following:

  • They live in a privately owned or rented property
  • Their boiler is broken or not working properly
  • They have electric or solid fuel heating and a working mains gas supply and they are in receipt of one or more of the following benefits: state pension credit, income related benefits, with a child and an income of less than £15,860, disability benefits with an income of less than £15,860

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